Gail is currently working hard on completing her first full length screenplay - 'Waiting'.

This is a historical piece focusing on a Carter and his family during the Blitz in Bootle and Liverpool during WW2. The inspiration came from Gail's grandfather who was a Carter on the docks throughout WW2, and also from the magnificent full size bronze statue of a shire horse called 'Waiting', created by Judy Boyt, which now stands at the Albert Dock.

The statue is the result of a long 10-year fund raising campaign and is a monument honouring the city’s hard-working dock horses and carters that worked in the city for 250 years, and were integral during the petrol-rationed days of World War II in keeping supplies moving in the UK.

In 1935, Liverpool had 4,910 working horses, the second highest number outside London. By 1960 they had mostly been replaced by vehicles. Gail's screenplay pays tribute to this period of Liverpool's rich history, and she hopes that it will act as a reminder of how much the city owes to the stoical work of the Carters and their steeds in WW2.